Warriors was the first single of the album Seasons. It was supposed to be released in September 2020 but when March 2020 happened Luna had a strong desire to help and to make this message universal. With the help of producer Alessandro Del Vecchio, she contacted 3 of the best rock voices to create and sing the song in the major world languages. Rosa Laricchiuta (Transiberian Orchestra) for the French, Caterina Nix for the Spanish and Mizuho Lin for the Portuguese. Luna Akire wanted to pay homage to her native land by singing the Italian version, entitled "Eroi" which was the single that released the project worldwide.

"Warriors" and each foreign version was a traction for donations to the Red Cross, and each version had a link for people to donate directly to the local Red Cross. This song, mirror of the soul and work of artists who decided to create good and inspire people through music.


"Warriors" brings in it’s words a hymn to look inside yourself, inspiring one to become the architect, the creator of a new world, the world we all dream of. Sort of matrix through which you can observe reality, seeing what needs to be changed or improved, becoming the missing piece of the puzzle and the hero of this new world, born from the core of values ​​that are reborn in times of difficulty in the search of freedom.

There is no better weapon than words for a singer, for an artist and for any of us. We create a better world by speaking words of truth, freedom and values, not with weapons. We take action based on that truth and until we achieve our goal, our freedom we won’t give up. From adversity, we become warriors and we all learn to be heroes, whether small or large, but we discover that we have strength and determination. The new world starts right here, from truth, love and freedom!

The video was created by the amazing artist Natalia Ghiani of Food For Ravens . Natalia chose a lyric video, precisely to give the utmost importance to the text and message it carries. In her words: ”These circumstances, out of the ordinary, have allowed us to bring to life a video that carries a message of rebirth, strength and freedom. An acknowledgment to people who are committed to becoming better for themselves and for others; people who take a path that is not always easy and in following it they still find the strength to smile, love and inspire. We talk about us, about you, about what WE can do for life in all its forms, present and future. The choice of a black and white video was made for its ability to tell things as they are without too many distractions and to bring to light all those people who participated in the project by sending us their testimonies We have chosen a font that is not invasive but that knows how to focus on key words of the text. The ending is a WAKE UP CALL”.

Luna Akire - Warriors


Luna Akire has always been about music and involved in music.

Being the daughter of a drummer and a fashion designer, she has always balanced her art between soul and aesthetics. She is an Italian at heart but a citizen of the world, having always lived between Milan, Italy and Tampa Bay, Florida. For years she has performed on beautiful stages and eventually shifted focus to songwriting. It wasn't long before her writing talent was noticed, quickly having gathered the recognition of Universal and signing a deal with them for "Hello Me", a song co-written with Australian star, Vanessa Amorosi. Collaborations and the opportunity to write with international songwriters and producers, such as Aleena Gibson and Alessandro Del Vecchio, came not long after. The meeting with Alessandro Del Vecchio, producer and musician for Frontiers Records, who boasts successful singles and records in the world of rock, lead to the creation of the album "Seasons", a collection of 12 original songs born to introduce the singer/songwriter Luna Akire; a journey into the different influences and artistic facets that represent this artist. "A hard rock attitude, with a melodic, pop influence", "deep lyrics that vocalize important and reflective ideas in a simple yet impactful way", are just a small description of "Seasons" and the artist herself. Luna Akire could absolutely be described as "the best kept secret talent" of the current musical world.

The record, produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio, includes the presence of Bruce Gaitsch (Madonna, Richard Marx, Chicago), Janey Clewer (Ray Charles, George Benson) and the Italian musicians Marco Di Salvia and Nik Mazzucconi of Edge Of Forever and guitarist Andrea Seveso; the disc features 11 songs written by Luna Akire with Alessandro Del Vecchio, Best Friends which includes collaboration with Aleena Gibson and a completely rearranged and personalized cover of David Guetta's song “When Love Takes Over”. The album is written between Nashville, Milan, Tampa and the Tuscan countryside and is recorded at the Arc in Varese and Tampa at the Ivorytears Music Works Studios and Nashville, at the Addiction Studios of Jonathan Cain of Journey, and at Bruce's Gaitsch Frantic Studio. The album, thanks to the versatility of Luna Akire, also challenged the producer to work with a sound that pushed him into new territory, allowing the record to have the power of a rock record, but the gracefulness of the most widespread pop sounds, embracing everything you can imagine in the middle of these two worlds.

During the creation of the album, "Warriors" was born. A song that presents a powerful and profound concept, and the hope of rebirth.

"Warriors" lyrics could and would carry a universal message that led to the collaboration with Rosa Laricchiuta (Transiberian Orchestra), Caterina Nix (Chaos Magic) and Mizuho Lin (Semblant) who sang the song, respectively, in French, Spanish and Portuguese. "Warriors" becomes, in fact, "Eroi" in Italian, the first single by Luna Akire, extracted from "Seasons", an album released in the Autumn of 2020.

Erika Luna C

"You never know how strong you are,
until being strong is your only choice"
(Bob Marley)